transfer case report

This case transferred from Australia.
He was student of Yokohama International School.
We have lot of International school patients because Just 10 minutes from Motomachi-Chukagai to Higashihakuraku by train.

The first photo was 13y 5m male in Australia.
And he was started orthodontics treatment at Australia.

Photo 1: 05/16/2006 at Australia.

Photo 2 is 13y 9m in our office Japan at just transferred from Australia. He was going on active orthodontics treatment with braces were on.

Photo2: 09/21/2006 at Yokohama.

Photo 3 is 15y 1m in our office, the active treatment has done.

Photo 3: 01/12/2008 at Yokohama.

The active treatment has done in our office, and he went back to Australia and he was doing retaintion phase teratment at Australian orthodontist.

In this case, you have to consider that the refer and transfer is very important in orthodontis treatment because this treatment needs long term of treatment times.

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